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Circus Waiting


Image of Circus Waiting

Dyed popotillo straw and wax on paper, framed in UV protection glass

Luz Maria Salinas is an artist from Mexico City who has been practicing the folk art form of straw painting for most of her life. 17 years ago, Isaiah Zagar met Salinas in an open air craft market in Mexico. He had given her his drawings, which she translated into the colorful straw paintings. This began a partnership to create Zagar-inspired folk art, which continues to this day.

Salinas uses Zagar’s drawings as a template, which is then coated with beeswax. The final image is created by hand-placing each dyed straw piece into the wax, resulting in a luminous finish of color and texture.

This one-of-a-kind straw painting is framed with 99% UV protection glass to prevent fading from the sun and other damaging light. This artwork contains wax as an adhesive, and it is not recommended to display the work in areas where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.